Friday, 19 May 2017


As the title suggests I’d never been to Peckham init. Been to London shit loads of times but never managed to hit SE15. So Ruf Dug bells me up bangin on about a ‘Video Rave’ he’s doing at this arcade down there and I sign right up. Heard some good shit goes down there. Some good record shops, Rhythm Section is there in that pool club - gotta be worth checkin out.

Right so I dive off at Peckham Rye station and get a flyer shoved in my hand by some chump for Peckham Rye festival which is going on the same day as the Video Rave - ABSOLUTELY GUTTED to be clashing with this. Promoters nightmare poor Ruffy I thought…. Then I read the line up… pissed myself at the names on there... Lobbed the flyer in a bin and headed to the first patty shop I could find. Gabby’s Jamaican on Rye Lane make a mean Guinness punch and they do them patties that are like a crisp on the outside. Mega.

So then Ruffy appears with 120 Video Rave flyers/posters that the arcade printed out for us and declares we’re going guerrilla marketing. Buzzin. We’ve been going renegade with shit up in Manchester recently where the city council have gone well soft judging by the amount of Wet Play posters from weeks ago are still wrapped around lampposts in the northern quarter. ***Disclaimer: to any of you council chumps reading this (probably none) - Said Wet Play posters were stuck up by ‘an overzealous fan’ and not by any of the promoters***. We pop in to Khan’s to buy some industrial strength cellotape, pop around the corner for some Hairy Kryptonite™ and then we get to it...

Guerrilla Marketing rules. 1> Postering: Blue-tac = poo-tac: blue tac, the once main ingredient (apart from paper) in the postering game is now banned. Cellotape only. 2> No posters in shop windows, frames, the usual displays etc. Street furniture only, phone boxes, lampposts, walls you get it the idea. But no trees please gees 3> Flyering - peops who don’t want a flyer are gettin fuckin ripped. If they didn't want the piss taking out of them they should have taken a fuckin flyer init.

Right - this is the new craze in guerrilla marketing concocted by Ruf Dug and Watson outside Rye Wax record shop. Cello-taping flyers and posters on people’s backs. Yes, walking adverts get you pure ‘reach’ as everybody wants to read what’s on the back - probably hoping for a cartoon nob but actually reading the full flyer thus equalling loads of people at your party. This shit works folks. Anyway Watson get’s a mint one on the back of this safe-as-fuck old guy’s back who was boozing outside - The same guy tips up later at the arcade like the pied piper of Peckham with a procession of 20-30 ravers right behind him, eyes fixed on the flyer that’s still on his back 4 hours later. Following him to the party in a big conga line. It works. 

Next I get a text from Kickin’ Pigeon telling me to ‘Meet me at Time Crisis’ so we jib back to the arcade. KP is there shooting the shit out of shit and he’s up to the speedboats without losing a life. Smashing it. He’s got a crowd going too - one of which asked for his autograph afterwards. No shit. Pidge done pretty well but after being distracted by a pungent whiff of Hairy Kryptonite™ when we walked in, is finally killed by some boss guy. Some after-work office guy with slick-back hair and a girlfriend is next up and this guy is taking it SERIOUSLY. He’s proper ducking and weaving and shit - doing all the motions. KP offers some advice, worried the guy was gonna blow a gasket but is firmly rebuffed with a ‘shhhhhhh’ and a ‘I know what i’m doing’ and a ‘He has completed it you know?’ from his girlfriend who was looking at him as if to say ‘if you don’t clock it you ain’t clocking me later on’. The guy eventually dies and he is not happy. His missus tuts and walks off. Funny how seriously they were taking it. I was pissing myself but I had tonnes of fucking respect for them at the same time.

So this Four Quarters bar in Peckham is mega. Loads of mint arcades. Golden Axe, Galaxians, Off-road, Time Crisis of course and many more. You get 4 american quarters for your quid hence the name. Full bar and food. Perfect. They have a rave cave downstairs and a console room upstairs. We set the decks up and Ruffy gets the upstairs going with some bad-ass video game jams. Shouts to the guy who requested the Ken stage music. Me n Pidge get the rave cave going later on (Shouts to Dilesh for being the smoothest bumrusher in the business. Man this guy slid on and off the decks when he felt like it - as he felt like it) and by midnight it was rammed out both floors. Most of the chumps we’d seen flyering for the Peckham rye festival had taken our advice and were there too… ***disclaimer - if you have owt to do with Peckham Rye Festival - take a chill pill - I made most this shit up***

The next day me n KP meet up with Ruffy who takes us for some diggin’… Ok the record shop might not have technically been in Peckham but I was still running on Peckham power init. We rooted through the downstairs bins and found loads of mega shit. Some fully flippable shop stock so we’ve stuck em up on the store for yous… £3 each / VG quality. Maybe my Peckham banter got you in the mood for buying some boogie? Maybe not? tune out now and i’ll never know. RMx

James Cobbin & Prime Cut - Caught In The Middle (1984)

Ok so this is a must for all self respecting boogie nuts. The Full Beam! Crew smashed this a few years ago and has since been put smack bang in the middle of the Cooler™ . The Cooler™ is where we hide tunes to forget so that when we find them again after a bit and remember how mint they were it's mega. Proper boogie with a that fat boom clack, bass poppin off, whizzing synth jizz, clean instro on the flip, everything u need g. 

Bobby Gilliom - Gimme A Break

Good gosh. Creepin, freakin, boogie-dub hopper and show stopper. This is a Ruf Dug party starter peops - properly taxed this one off the Ruffy init. Of course I can never play it in his presence - them's the rules. Crew privileges - 5 match touchline ban for infringements and no snes for a week.

Alyson Williams - My Love Is So Raw (Baby Love Remix)

This is on the b-side to ‘I need your lovin’ which you can live without. The Baby Love mix of ‘My Love Is So Raw’ aint on youtube so youre gonna have to trust us. There’s a couple more versions of the track knocking about but this is the killer one. If you like your low slung whacked out rnb then pull the trigger - it aint on youtube so no-one on discogs is gonna be buyin the 12” for the b-side. SLEEPER.. I’m gonna learn how to make youtube vids so I can post it up but in the mean-time i’m banking on one of you jazzy Hi-Tackle customers to gobble it up for a buzz. 136 for sale from 20p in the shark tank or £3 from us (including HTTT (Hi-Tackle Tip Tax))

William Bell - Headline News

Enormous boogie-soul jam in the form of the extended dance mix here. Mooching along at 96bpm - pop open a bottle of plonk, dim the lights, loosen those jammys and wait for that creamy vocal to kick in. Pretty sexual if you ask us. Causer of massive trouser tension here at HQ.

Intrique - Together Forever

Another deffo for the nutters out there. Big, bad-ass bass rumbles as standard. A Sonny Davenport and Leroy Burgess tune lashed with a slick Dino Terrell vocal. Proper feel good tackle… liquid sunshine but a bastard to mix! Droppin’ and poppin’ this one all the way to the boogie bank. BEAST.

Mercy Mercy - What Are We Gonna Do About It?

Nice jabbin’, slippy synth action, chuggy rhythm throughout this belter and a sick sax movement that will blow your napper off. The Dub is where it’s at from our point of view (as usual) but the synth/poppy vox on A is pretty fresh too - at the guarantee of sounding like a proper turd It’s well Balearic init. In any case this is a legit 11pm cruiser so get it in the bag pronto. Some amateur moron has badly masking taped the sides of the sleeve back together so we will supply in fresh clothes too.

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